TREQ CEO steps down

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The general director ;TREQ general leaves his post

No aircraft in the colors of TREQ has yet flown in the skies of Quebec.

The air cooperative TREQ is going through a zone of turbulence. Radio-Canada has learned that the project has lost one of its founders, Serge Larivière, who was its general manager.

Serge Larivière has left his position as general manager over the past few months. The president of Mont-Tremblant International Airport was however one of the founders of the projects.

It is certain that the decision of Quebec not to support TREQ, that may have discouraged some people, including Mr. Larivière, admits the president of TREQ, Éric Larouche. In addition, the signal we received from certain actors was that they told us that it was going well… When your expectations are high and you are told no, for some, it can be more discouraging .

Two board members have also decided to step down. They will be replaced at the annual general meeting scheduled for November. The 14,000 members of TREQ will be convened there.

It must be said that TREQ is in trouble. The co-op lost its federal funding of $3.4M from CED Canada, which expired last March.

For its part, Quebec has instead chosen to bet on plane tickets at $ 500 for regional flights. Until recently, the Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, was not very open to supporting TREQ.

We were indeed not very active during the election campaign and it was voluntary, recognizes Éric Larouche. We already knew the position of the current government. To hammer it again, we felt that it was not relevant to add more. We preferred to wait, he explains.

Éric Larouche is the owner of RL Énergies, Hôtel Chicoutimi and Auberge des Îles in Saint- Gédéon.

The Saguenay businessman intends to continue his efforts to convince Quebec that TREQ is the best solution for offering flights at affordable prices.

What we're hearing right now is that $500 tickets aren't giving the expected results. So, are we at the stage of asking questions again? Are there other actions to be taken to be able to properly meet Quebec's needs in terms of air transport? Well, TREQ is still there, he continues.

The president and founder of TREQ has no intention of drawing a line, despite the pitfalls.

I'm an entrepreneur and projects, I've done some that took a year, I've done some that took 10 years, I've done some that took 10 years, made some that took 15 years. Personally, I think that TREQ is a good idea for the Quebec economy, for the citizens of Quebec. We will continue to say it loud and clear and we will see where it will lead us, concludes Éric Larouche.

As for the former general manager, Serge Larivière, he does not #x27;did not respond to calls from Radio-Canada to comment on the reasons for his departure.

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