Trial begins for Charles Mustard, charged with 29-year-old murder in Toronto

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Trial begins for Charles Mustard, charged with murder 29 years ago in Toronto

The 63-year-old individual was finally arrested thanks to his DNA in October 2018.

The photo of the defendant, Charles Mustard, was presented to the press shortly after his arrest in October 2018.

It is Thursday morning that begins at the Toronto courthouse the trial of an individual accused of a murder that has long remained unexplained in the metropolis. Charles Mustard is indicted for the premeditated murder of Barbara Brodkin in 1993. After unsuccessful years, his DNA finally gave him away.

Barbara Brodkin was found dead the morning of March 19, 1993 in the apartment she shared with her six-year-old son.

It was the little boy who had called 911 when he discovered his mother's body shortly before 8 a.m. that Friday.

The police then immediately went to 155, rue Balliol, in the Davisville district, in the center of the city.

She will conclude that the 41-year-old victim was stabbed with a fatal blow to the chest.

41-year-old victim Barbara Brodkin

At the time, police noticed that an amount of cash and marijuana was missing from the apartment and believed that Ms. Brodkin may have being robbed.

Hearing hundreds of testimonies and polygraphs and reviewing evidence, photographs, and phone and bank records had failed to arrest a suspect in the months following the arrest. grisly discovery.

The case would go on to be classified as unsolved for 25 years, despite investigators' best efforts to unravel the mystery.

The corridor leading to the victim's apartment located at 155 Balliol Street, Toronto.

The year 2018 will mark a turning point in the investigation, which is being reviewed at the light of advances in forensic technologies.

Further examinations of the evidence that had been collected and preserved at the time of the break-in had been ordered for DNA analysis.

The investigation will make a link with the DNA of a suspect and the accused, Charles Mustard, who had become known to the police over time.

Charles Mustard was arrested on October 19, 2018 and charged with the premeditated murder of Barbara Brodkin. Investigators say the individual was an acquaintance of the Brodkin family. He was 37 at the time of the murder.

The victim's son, who is now 35, is expected to years, is testifying for the Crown during the non-jury trial.

Interestingly, it is the 1993 Criminal Code that will apply in the proceedings. and not the one currently in effect.

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