Trial of Harold LeBel: Expected testimony of complainant's friend will not take place

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Harold LeBel’s trial: the expected testimony of the plaintiff’s friend will not take place

Harold LeBel's trial experiences an unexpected turnaround.

Maître Manon Gaudreault did not want to comment on this turnaround.

Day 4 of ex-MP Harold LeBel's trial was to focus on the testimony of the alleged victim's friend, who was present at the apartment the night of the alleged sexual assault. However, the prosecution announced that it would not call this other witness.

As soon as the hearing opened on Thursday morning, Me Manon Gaudreault, prosecutor to criminal and penal proceedings, informed the court that the evidence was closed, and that this previously announced witness was ultimately not going to be called.

The prosecution will therefore not have any another witness to call, after the complainant's testimony delivered on Wednesday.

Defence cross-examination concluded Wednesday in trial of Harold LeBel, accused of sexual assault.

Harold LeBel's lawyer also announced Thursday morning that the ex-MP will testify at trial.

The accused will be heard Monday morning, according to the schedule established with Judge Serge Francœur.

Harold LeBel is accused of x27; having committed a sexual assault in 2017 in Rimouski. His jury trial, after a brief hearing for a fourth day on Thursday, is adjourned until Monday morning.

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