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“Triangle of Sorrow”: Cannes Film Festival Winner, where Marx is read to the oligarchs

The Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival went to Swedish director Ruben Östlund for the film “Triangle of Sorrow”, where he directed Woody Harrelson as a Marxist captain.

The Palme d'Or at the 75th Anniversary Cannes Film Festival went to Ruben Ostlund's Triangle of Sorrow. This is a satirical tragicomedy about how a couple of models, after fashion shows, find themselves on a yacht full of oligarchs. After a storm, all the passengers, led by the captain, an adherent of the teachings of Marx, find themselves on a desert island, where they will have to deal with themselves and the forces of nature without the help of a wallet.

«Triangle of Sorrow»: Cannes Film Festival Winner Where Oligarchs read Marx

« Triangle of Sorrow

48-year-old Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund is one of the few filmmakers to win the Palme d'Or award twice, for two films in a row. In 2017, Östlund's previous film “The Square” was awarded. According to the plot, a rich gallery owner finds himself in an awkward situation – his phone and wallet are stolen from him. And he, using a network application, discovers that the device is located in a poor area of ​​​​Stockholm and goes there on his advanced Tesla “to do justice.” All adventures begin there.

Here, too, the rich and successful, well-fed and cynical Ruben Ostlund puts them in the conditions of the TV program “The Last Hero” in order to finally find out who is who and show their real human features.

In this picture, Östlund translates social problems into the rails of frank grotesque: the yacht is at the bottom, the passengers and crew are on the island, and only the cleaner knows how to fish …

The creation of the picture was also influenced by the fact that the director's mother is a staunch socialist. My brother, on the other hand, is a right-wing conservative. So Östlund often heard endless discussions about a just world order.

The unconditional cherry on the cake here is that the marxist captain of this very yacht was played by the magnificent Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson (“The People vs. Larry Flynt”, “True Detective”, “Illusion of Deception”). The captain is not very ceremonious with his clients, which can be seen even in the video.

An opposition Russian film critic Anton Dolin asked the director how Harrelson reacted to the offer to play the captain of the yacht.

“He was delighted. Woody himself asked after the “Square” for my next film. I call him and say: “OK, everything starts in the fashion world, and then a couple of top models go on a cruise on a luxury yacht. Her captain Thomas is a committed Marxist, and when all the guests get seasick during a storm and start vomiting, he reads the Communist Manifesto aloud while drunk. How do you like that?” He immediately agreed, without hesitation,” Ruben Ostlund told Meduza.

“Triangle of Sorrow” and the war in Ukraine

With this captain, one analogy arises related to Ukraine. At the very beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the captain of a luxury yacht, Taras Ostapchuk, drowned her, wanting to take revenge on his owner, a Russian oligarch, for the fact that Russian missiles attacked Kyiv. The Spanish court released the captain. That is, extraordinary circumstances put people at different levels of the social hierarchy on the same level. What does one of the passengers on a luxury yacht, the Russian oligarch Dmitry, with his mistress.

In the “Triangle of Sorrow” influential and wealthy oligarchs and magnates are forced to be “equalized” in their rights on the island. The satirical gift of Ruben Ostlund spares no one. Judging by the video, most of all the viewer's sympathy will fall to the lot of the drunkard captain, but not a fact. Perhaps we are in for a surprise, because the second Palme d'Or is not given for nothing.

«Triangle of Sorrow": Cannes Film Festival Winner, where Marx is read to oligarchs

« Triangle of Sorrow

«Triangle of Sorrow»: Cannes Film Festival Winner, where Marx is read to oligarchs

« Triangle of Sorrow

Cannes 2022 : Film Festival Awards

  • Grand Prix – “Close”, Lucas Dont/”Stars at Noon”, Claire Denis
  • Best Actor – Song Kang-ho (“The Go-between “, Hirokazu Koreeda)
  • Best Actress – Zara Amir Ebrahimi (“Holy Spider”, Ali Abbasi)
  • Jury Prize – “Eeyore” Jerzy Skolimowski/”Eight Mountains” Charlotte Vandermers and Felix van Groeningen
  • Best Director – Park Chan-wook (“The Decision to Leave”)
  • Best Screenplay – Tariq Saleh (“The Boy with hell”)
  • Special Prize at the 75th Anniversary Cannes Film Festival – “Tori and Lokita” Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne

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