Tricks that are often used by motorists


June 8, 2022, 18:36 | Cars

They will make life easier for the driver.

Tricks that are often used by motorists

A pleasure car is not cheap, it requires not only financial investments, but also care. To facilitate the care and use of the car, we will tell you some tricks that will make your life easier, informs Ukr.Media.

– When you just bought a new car, it is easy to forget which side the gas tank is on, the arrow next to the column symbol of gasoline on the instrument panel will indicate which side the gas tank is on.

– When parking in a garage, if you are not yet used to the dimensions of your car, hang a small ball from the ceiling at the level of the windshield in the place where you should leave your car without touching the wall of the garage.

– In addition to the ball, if you do not have enough space in the garage to even open the door, cover the walls of the garage with a soft material so that you do not accidentally scratch the car door when opening it and do not waste time and effort on scratch removal.

– If you could not avoid small scratches on the body, try to mask them with nail polish.

– Use strong rubber mats for feet. If you get stuck in the snow, try to put them under the wheels to get out of the snow trap.

– If you leave the car in the sun, turn the steering wheel half a turn so that when you return you don't have to drive the car by holding onto steering wheel heated by the sun.

– Remove large and heavy items from the trunk that you do not need, this will reduce the consumption of gasoline by a couple of percent.

– If you transport cargo in the trunk, secure it in such a way, to exclude its free movement, tie it or put supports.

– Do not attach additional keys to the ignition key, so as not to create a load on the ignition lock, its replacement will cost you a penny.

– When using a car, be extremely careful, ensure your driving comfort by installing, for example, a phone holder if you use maps.

Use imagination or already existing life hacks to more conveniently use your car and always care about safety.


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