Trifluvienne Manon Brouillette leaves the senior management of Verizon

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La trifluvienne Manon Brouillette leaves Verizon senior management

La Manon Brouillette is leaving Verizon.

Nearly a year and a half after joining the Verizon team, Manon Brouillette is leaving Verizon senior management of this American telecommunications giant. She had held the position of President and CEO of the group's consumer division, the company's largest division, for eleven months.

In a short press release published on Monday , Verizon indicates that Manon Brouillette has submitted her resignation.

Four months after her arrival among the senior management of this American company, she had obtained a promotion by becoming president and general manager of the consumer division in January 2022. Her responsibilities included managing the company's growth as it developed and deployed its 5G technology.

Manon Brouillette served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Videotron from 2014 to 2018.

She also served on the board of directors of Altice, one of the largest communications service providers and broadband video in the United States, Verizon said in the press release. é who announced his hiring.

With information from Sébastien St-Onge and Marilyn Marceau

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