Triple Homicide in Rosemont: Suspect Charged with Second Degree Murder

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Rosemont Triple Homicide: Suspect Charged with Second Degree Murder

According to the police, there is a family link between the victims and the suspect.

Three charges of unpremeditated murder were filed Saturday against Arthur Galarneau who was arrested yesterday at the scene of a family tragedy, rue Bélanger, in the east of the city . (File photo)

Second degree murder charges have been laid against Arthur Galarneau, the 19-year-old arrested the day before at the scene of a triple homicide in the Rosemont district of Montreal.

The victims are Richard Galarneau, Mylène Gingras and Francine Gingras-Boucher. The man and one of the two women are 53 years old and the third victim is 75 years old.

City Police Department officers de Montréal (SPVM) have confirmed that there is a family link between the victims and the suspect.

As for the accused, the SPVM indicated that x27;he had no criminal record. He will be back in court on the morning of April 11.

The arrest of Arthur Galarneau, filmed by witnesses, took place outside the building.

The young man, in crisis, was taken to Santa Cabrini Hospital before being transferred to the SPVM investigation center.

The police had discovered the bodies of the three victims inside the building, bearing traces of violence possibly caused by a sharp object, said another SPVM spokesperson, Julien Lévesque.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, an important security perimeter is still in place at the scene of the crimes. SPVM major crime investigators and crime scene technicians are continuing their analysis work at the scene of the tragedy.

Employees and patients going to the Montreal Heart Institute, located across from the crime scene, must use an access other than the main entrance.

The Montreal Police Department has confirmed that the three bodies discovered in a dwelling on Bélanger Street were the victims of the third, fourth and fifth murders to occur on the island of Montreal in 2023.

Friday's event is the third intra-family murderous drama to occur since the beginning of the year in the metropolis. In total, these crimes resulted in the deaths of five people in eerily similar circumstances.

In all cases, these are homicides committed by young adults with a knife.

The first murder occurred on the morning of January 25 on Fullum Street in east-central Montreal. At approximately 7:22 a.m., officers received a 911 call from a man who said his mother was struggling with his brother, who was in a crisis and psychosis at the time. The lady, whose age was not specified, was already dead when help arrived. The SPVM arrested her son later that same day, who had fled the scene after the incident.

The second event took place on February 19, in Parc-Extension, where the SPVM had first been called to intervene in a dwelling , rue de Liège, for an armed scuffle during which a man in his twenties had been stabbed. A 54-year-old woman was found unresponsive in a nearby apartment. The police confirmed it was a murder. A 26-year-old woman was arrested at the scene and police suspect her of being responsible for the death of her mother, according to information from La Presse.

Recall that in 2022, there were 41 murders in the territory covered by Montreal police.

With information from; Elyse Allard and The Canadian Press

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