Trois-Rivières Airport: Ever Higher Bids

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Airport of Trois -Rivers: ever higher bids

The amount initially planned for the refurbishment of the airport was 11.5 million.

The costs of expanding the new terminal at Trois -Rivers have once again risen. The lowest bidder offers to complete the work for $17.2 million. The City's assessment was 15.5 million, or 4.4 million more than initially planned.

The City could ask its partners, the federal governments and provincial, to increase their participation or to return to the drawing board to modify the call for tenders.

The amount initially planned for the work was $11.5 million. It subsequently climbed by four million. The City's spokesperson, Mikaël Morissette, indicates that the project has already been modified and simplified to reduce costs.

For the Municipal Councilor of the District of Rivières, Pascale Albernhe Lahaie, these cost increases provide an opportunity to question whether the project still corresponds to the interests of the population.

Since the beginning of the process, several councilors have questioned questioned the extent of the expansion and upgrade work at the Trois-Rivières terminal.

According to information collected by Julie Grenon

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