Trombone Champ, the little music game with unexpected success

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Trombone Champ, the unexpectedly successful little music game

Difficult not to smile while playing the game “Trombone Champ”, released on September 15th.

Gone are the big budget music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Paper Clip Field, created in the spare time of the small team of Holy Wow, is the new sensation of the hour.

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In this game, described by the developer as the world's first trombone-based musical rhythm game, the player takes on the role of a trombonist avatar who must perform notes by pointing and clicking the screen with their cursor or by pressing a key on the keyboard. About twenty musical tracks of several styles can be performed.

Unlike most musical games, you can freely play any note at any time. You don't just follow the music, you play it, can we read on the game's website.

A video published by the specialized magazine PC Gamer, which has gone viral on social media, shows a playing session with the first movement of Beethoven's Symphony no 5. Anthems as well as classical and electronic music are also among the choices of musical tracks to perform.

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Paper Clip Fieldwas launched on the video game site Steam on September 15 and already it has risen to the fourteenth position of the best-selling games on the site by Friday noon. Its appreciation rating is 97%, based on some 500 ratings from users of the platform. The game is also growing in popularity on the Twitch streaming platform. work of one person. The team, based in Brooklyn, NY, developed Trombone Champ on evenings, weekends and holidays.

Given the popularity of the music game, the team says they are blown away, but they don't want to hit the wrong notes: Needless to say, in view of the last few days, we intend to push the game further than expected.

So it's going to take us a few weeks to get our lives in order and deal with the huge demand this game has generated, wrote Holy Wow in a tweet.

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Holy Wow plans to work soon on more advanced accessibility features, in addition to brushing up the game's gameplay, in particular to make the keyboard respond better to commands. New levels are also planned.

The game Trombone Champ is available in English for $17.50 on Steam, on PC only. A version for Mac computers is not planned at this time.

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