Truce in Yemen conflict 'at an impasse', Houthi rebels say

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Truce in Yemen conflict at “stalemate”, say Houthi rebels

The war in Yemen started in 2015 and left hundreds of thousands dead. A truce came into effect on April 2, but the ceasefire will expire on October 2 and is deadlocked, according to the Houthi rebels. (archive)

Truce in Yemen is 'at an impasse', Houthi rebels claimed Saturday on eve of deal expiration brokered by the UN, having given respite to a population exhausted by more than seven years of war.

Since April 2, two-month ceasefires, renewed twice, have relatively calmed the lives of Yemenis, facing one of the worst humanitarian tragedies in the world due to the conflict between their government, supported since 2015 by a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia, the Houthis, backed by Iran.

The UN envoy in Yemen, Hans Grundberg, has traveled in recent days to Sanaa and Oman, a country that plays the role of mediator in the region, in the hope of wresting an extension of the supposed truce end Sunday.

Over the past six months, we have seen no serious will to treat humanitarian issues as a priority, the rebels said in a statement, blaming coalition countries for the stalemate.

In addition to a ceasefire, the truce provided for a series of humanitarian measures, some of which were not implemented, with both sides accusing each other of not honoring their commitments.

U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Stevin Fagin tweeted on Saturday that he was worried about the lack of progress in the talks, calling on all parties to put the Yemeni people first and renew the truce.

According to the UN, the war in Yemen has left hundreds of thousands dead, millions displaced, and left two-thirds of the population in need of aid, with a situation close to mass starvation. helle.

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