Trudeau flew to London to celebrate the 70th anniversary of NATO and to discuss the future of the Alliance and Canada (PHOTO)

Трюдо улетел в Лондон отмечать 70-летие НАТО и обсуждать будущее альянса и Канады (ФОТО)

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is now not in the country, as they flew to London, where she plans to spend the next few days trying to give NATO the military Alliance momentum amid the existential questions about its future and at the same time protecting the place of Canada in the Union.

The leaders of all 29 member countries of NATO will gather in London this week to mark the 70th anniversary of the Alliance, which was created at the dawn of the Cold war to protect North America and Western Europe from the Soviet Union.

Later, the Alliance participated in military operations in Afghanistan, overthrew the regime of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, was patrolling for pirates off the coast of the horn of Africa and created a defense line in Eastern Europe from Russian aggression.

Canada participated in all these operations, including the management of the training mission of NATO in Iraq and providing fighters to patrol the Romanian airspace and frigates to patrol the Mediterranean and Black seas.

However, NATO also faced pressure in recent years, when the Alliance members think, how best to conduct themselves with Russia and China, even the US President Donald trump raised questions about the need for his country’s participation in the Alliance.

Last month, the President of France Emmanuel Makron began heated debates about NATO’s future when he suggested that the military Alliance is suffering because of the lack of coordination and communication between members. He highlighted the cases of American withdrawal from northeastern Syria and the subsequent Turkish invasion of this area – both actions were not coordinated with other members of the Alliance.

There has also been speculation about the amount of money that individual members invest in their armed forces, and a trump of the first calls on European allies and Canada to increase their spending.

In addition, the summons and China because of the requirements of the United States, Canada and other disabled Huawei equipment from their networks 5G.

Also will discuss how to build relations with Russia. And if some members of the Alliance propose to establish them and to build a dialogue, others (e.g. Canada) are tougher and offer to make Russia responsible for its actions in Ukraine.

Because Russia grow discontent with NATO member Turkey, which has friendly relations with Russia. The Alliance don’t like it because of the strategically advantageous geographical position of Turkey.

Political advisors of Canada Trudeau is recommended not to make any statements until he returned after the meeting in Canada.

For Canada, participation in NATO is important, given its relatively small size and somewhat isolated position of the United States.

Trudeau also will advertise the many contributions of Canada to the Alliance before the United States and other problems related to its defense spending, which make up 1.31 percent of the gross domestic product is less than the agreed target NATO’s two percent. Instead, the government repeatedly pointed to the fact that Canada leads the battle group in Latvia and provides military in Iraq, fighters in Romania and a frigate in the Mediterranean as a better measurement of its contribution.

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