Trudeau government pushes back on promise to provide 200 troops to UN


The Trudeau government rejects its promise to provide 200 soldiers to the UN

The government has not offered an explanation for the postponement of this promise.

The Liberal government is giving itself one more year to fulfill a key promise on peacekeeping made at the United Nations (UN) five years ago.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to provide a force rapid-response unit of 200 soldiers at the UN during a major peacekeeping summit in Vancouver in 2017.

The federal government then declared that this unit, intended to respond to emergencies during peacekeeping missions, would be deployed no later than five years from now.

Yet the Department of National Defense announced that the cabinet recently extended the deadline for a year.

The government did not explain why the promised force has yet to materialize as the UN says there is a continued need for such units.


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