Trudeau-Xi exchange: 'A lack of respect for the Prime Minister'

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ÉTrudeau-Xi exchange: “A lack of respect for the Prime Minister”

Curator Michael Chong interviewed at “Behind the scenes of power”.< /p>

Chinese President Xi Jinping's criticism of Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali demonstrates, according to Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic Michael Chong, China's disregard for Canada .

I think that's clear. Beijing doesn't respect Canada, Chong said in an interview with Behind the scenes.

“I also think it's because Canada doesn't have a clear policy towards China.

— Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic Michael Chong

Xi Jinping snubbed Justin Trudeau last Wednesday for going public with the content of their exchange of the day previous. The Prime Minister had raised, according to his entourage, serious concerns about interference activities in Canada. These images made headlines around the world.

Michael Chong believes that the Canadian Prime Minister acted appropriately in replying to the Chinese President. He laments, however, that Ottawa has taken years to develop an Indo-Pacific policy and a vision for its relationship with China. The Conservative MP believes the Trudeau government should have moved ahead sooner, despite the two Michaels being imprisoned by Chinese authorities for nearly three years.

“With this confused policy, I think China has seized an opportunity to threaten Canada.

— Michael Chong, Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic

Mr. Chong has been asking the government in the House of Commons for days to find out the names of the 11 deputies and candidates who, according to the Global News network, benefited from the financing of the Chinese Communist Party in the 2019 federal elections. that one of these beneficiaries was aware of the scheme, he believes that charges should be laid.

En behind the scenes interview, Conservative Michael Chong also criticizes Ottawa for its lack of action.

For the Ontario MP, it's all about transparency and protecting our democracy from attempts at foreign disruption. It is a subversive threat. The integrity of our MPs, of our candidates in an election is at stake.

The Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic points out that according to Canadian intelligence services, five key sectors are threatened by China, including biotechnology, artificial intelligence and telecommunications. According to him, Ottawa should refuse to fund research projects that have Chinese companies as collaborators, and recommend that universities and provinces do the same.

Michael Chong s' is satisfied with the charges brought by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police against Yueshang Wang, a Hydro-Quebec employee suspected of spying for China. The United States has been doing it for years, he says. It is hard to understand why the Canadian authorities did not intervene earlier.

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