Trump believes Ukraine should have abandoned NATO and handed over Crimea


Trump thinks Ukraine should have abandoned NATO and handed over Crimea

Former President of the United States intends to try again to occupy the Oval Office in the White House.

Ukraine could have avoided a Russian attack by agreeing to territorial concessions and a neutral status on the NATO issue. This was announced on Monday, August 1, by former US President Donald Trump on The Clay Trevis and Buck Sexton Show podcast.

“At least they should have made a deal. They could have given away Crimea. They they could do something with NATO, say, okay, we're not going to join NATO, and then they would have a country, because I think Putin wanted to reach an agreement,” he said.

“And now I don't think he wants to make an agreement. I think it's much more difficult to make an agreement. He's bombing everything in Ukraine. Well, that is, he's taking over everything. And extremely, extremely it's sad to see what's happening to Ukraine. Very, very sad,” Trump added.

Trump also called Putin's deployment of troops and equipment to Ukraine's borders before the invasion “great negotiating tactics.”

“And when you look at these completely burnt buildings, all these people are dead. You lost a lot of people. This is a deal that could be settled,” he said.

The politician also said he did not believe that Putin “ever intended” to start a war with Ukraine, but now “more likely to get the whole country, since he already started.”

“He will take the whole territory,” Trump said.

It is known that the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced his intention to take part in the elections in 2024.

Recall that Trump announced good relations with Putin

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