Trump's team uses the same technologies as the Kremlin in Ukraine, says Igor Eydman

Trump's team uses the same technologies as the Kremlin in Ukraine, says Igor Eydman

Trump's team uses the same technologies as the Kremlin in Ukraine, says Igor Eydman

A Russian trace was found in the work of the team of the 45th US President Donald Trump to discredit the presidential election.

The message of the relevant content was published by the Russian sociologist Igor Eidman on his Facebook, who compares what is happening after the US elections with a propaganda campaign in eastern Ukraine.

“All of them are built on the same principle: the target group for disinformation influence is determined, images of the enemy, his conspiracy“ against us ”and the threat emanating from him are formed. As a result, under the influence of fear and anger caused by this disinformation, representatives of the target group enter into public, often violent conflict with those identified as enemies, ”he wrote.

The goal of such campaigns, Eydman calls the division and destabilization of society.

“In Ukraine, the target group for the Kremlin disinformation campaign were Russian-speaking, mainly residents of the southeastern regions … In the United States, the target group for disinformation is a white conservative, poorly educated part of the population, mainly from the American hinterland,” he writes.

According to the sociologist, in both cases, the audience is indoctrinated with the image of a threat and conspiracy.

“A lot of messages about the threat to white Americans from left-wing or colored radicals in the event of Biden's victory are almost textually reproduced by those that were broadcast to Russian-speakers in Ukraine (only there, according to the Kremlin legend, the threat came from the” Western Bandera “),” Eidman writes.

He notes that the Kremlin is conducting similar campaigns around the world, citing Germany as an example.

“Target audiences: conspiracy theorists, coronodissidents, ultra-right, ultra-left and Russian-speaking. The image of the enemy is the federal government and Merkel personally, “under the control of the United States and the international oligarchy,” the threat is the transformation of citizens into slaves of the oligarchy through quarantine measures and vaccinations. As you can see, one and the same handwriting is in Ukraine, in the USA, and in Germany, ”the sociologist noted.

At the same time, he notes that the technologies used by Trump's PR specialists “do not correspond to the norms of American political culture,” however, they are more reminiscent of the Russian election campaign.

According to him. after the US elections, a campaign began to further split society.

“Trump's lawyers voiced a fantastic story about a conspiracy against their client, among the participants of which were allegedly completely unrelated people from the late Hugo Chavez to Soros, from Maduro to the Clintons, the owners of some mythical servers in Germany and Spain, Chinese and Cuban communists, Canadian sabotage campaigns, fraudulent computer programs, etc., ”wrote Eydman.

He also recalled how stories about the “American conspiracy” and “the fascists who came to power” were unleashed in Ukraine.

“Such stuffing is not even calculated on trust in obviously lying misinformation, but on creating a negative information background, the audience's feeling that” something is unclean “,” there is no smoke without fire, “he wrote, stressing that he did not believe that Trump's team “would have had enough madness to come up with such a spreading, Russian-style large-scale, infinitely impudent cranberry.”

As previously reported, Trump said that major pharmaceutical companies contributed to his defeat.

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