Trust is a key part of working from home, experts say

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Trust is an essential part of working from home, experts say

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 dlqbmr">A psychologist from the University of British Columbia warns bosses against the temptation to use surveillance tools with their employees.

Bosses and remote workers must know how to walk a fine line to balance trust, monitoring and micromanagement, say experts.

Sandra Robinson, an occupational psychologist who teaches at the University of British Columbia, argues that employee satisfaction is one of the fundamental reasons why companies continue to accept telecommuting.

However, she warns bosses against the temptation to employ surveillance tools, such as tracking software. This could erode trust between the company and employees.

Ms. Robinson points out that one of the best ways to build trust is to is to trust. Research suggests that employees' sense of responsibility is lost when they feel the company trusts them less.

The psychologist reacted to a British Columbia court ruling ordering an accountant to reimburse her former employer after monitoring software discovered that she was not always working when she completed her remote employment.

Shafik Bhallo, an employment lawyer, does not believe that this decision will cause many companies to sue their employees.

He reminds us that Canadian law remains at a stage of development when it comes time to settle disputes about telework.

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