TTC passengers were evacuated because of a fire in a tunnel (PHOTO)

Пассажиров TTC эвакуировали из-за пожара в тоннеле (ФОТО)

TTC passengers evacuated from the subway trains on Line 2 from the fire in the tunnel near Dundas West station this morning.

The representative of the Transport Committee of Toronto (TTC) Stuart Greene said that the staff think that between Keele and Ossington stations contact entered the wooden Board and rails, which the fire occurred.

He added that the situation was complicated by the passenger, who “opened the wrong door”, causing the smoke got into the subway car.

He said his train made a ”sudden stop” shortly after it was announced that the problem with the doors.

After that, the TTC staff carried passengers to the exit.

About 50 buses were added to the route. It is not known when the subway work will be resumed.

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