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Turin Masters 2023  : Djokovic in apotheosis! Complete summary of the tournament

By beating Jannik Sinner in the Masters final, Novak Djokovic concluded an almost perfect season. Summary of a week full of twists and turns.

Novak Djokovic will have won almost everything; this season, and this Turin Masters did not escape him. In the final, he dominated; from start to finish Jannik Sinner (6-3, 6-3), to take his revenge on the one who had beaten him in the group stage. With this 7th victory at the end-of-year Masters, the Serbian becomes the single most successful player in the world. of the tournament, ahead of Roger Federer (6 titles). Without this defeat in the Wimbledon final against Carlos Alcaraz, he would even have achieved a historic Grand Slam which still eludes him. He still achieved the 4th "Petit Chelem" of his career (winning three Grand Slam tournaments in the same year), a new record ahead of Roger Federer, who achieved it three times (2004, 2006, 2007).

Jannik Sinner's great week

At home, Jannik Sinner delivered one of the best tournaments of his young career. He will surely have regrets after this lost final, especially since he did not show his strength. the same face as during the previous matches. He will perhaps also think of this last group match, where he could have eliminated Novak Djokovic by letting Holger Rune win. But the Italian, in front of his audience, played the game. This tournament confirms that it has passed a real milestone this year.

By beating Novak Djokovic for the first time (7-5, 6-7, 7-6) in the group stage, while the Serb was not that far from his best level, he 39;is proven that he now had no more limit to what he could do. put at agrave; his ambitions. He also beat Daniil Medvedev for the third time in a row (6-3, 6-7, 6-1), to eliminate him in the semi-final. In 2023, Jannik Sinner won the his first Masters 1000 in Canada and reached the first Grand Slam semi-final of his career, at Wimbledon. At just 22 years old, he is a solid 4th in the world who could get closer, in 2024, to his first Grand Slam coronation.

Alcaraz éblunté, Rune too tender

< p>On the side disappointments, Carlos Alcaraz showed that he was not at his best at the end of the 2023 season. Thanks to his victory against an already established Medvedev qualified, he despite everything succeeded take out chickens, but was swept by Novak Djokovic in the semi-final (6-3, 6-2), without ever being able to compete. Holger Rune showed a very good level of play but also an irregularity in the game. which was to him fatal, against Novak Djokovic (7-6, 6-7, 6-3) then Jannik Sinner (6-2, 5-7, 6-4). Daniil Medvedev was very solid to eliminate Andrey Rublev and Alexander Zverev in the group, but was defeated. beaten in the semi-final by Jannik Sinner. Stefanos Tsitsipas, affected; physically, could not defend his chances.

Who are the players qualified for the Turin Masters 2023?

The first eight players in the ranking ATP at At the end of the year are qualified. In 2023, they are:

  1. Novak Djokovic
  2. Carlos Alcaraz
  3. Daniil Medvedev
  4. Jannik Sinner
  5. Andrey Rublev
  6. Stefanos Tsitsipas
  7. Alexander Zverev
  8. Holger Rune

What are the rankings of the Turin Masters groups?

“Green” group:

  • Jannik Sinner  : 3 wins, 0 losses
  • Novak Djokovic : 2 wins, 1 draw.
  • Holger Rune: 1 win ., 2 d.
  • Hubert Hukarcz: 0 v., 1 d.
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas 0 v., 2 d.

Group "red" :

  • Carlos Alcaraz : 2 v., 1 d. (+3 sets)
  • Daniil Medvedev: 2 v., 1 d. (+2 sets)
  • Alexander Zverev: W2, L1. (+1 set)
  • Andrey Rublev: 0 v., 3 d.

Semi-finals: Novak Djokovic – Carlos Alcaraz ( 6-3, 6-2), Jannik Sinner – Daniil Medvedev (6-3, 6-7, 6-1).

Final: Novak Djokovic – Jannik Sinner (6-3, 6-3).

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