Turkey starts a new bombing campaign in northern Syria and Iraq in response to the Istanbul attack

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Turkey launches a new bombing campaign in northern Syria and Iraq in response to the attack in Istanbul

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“It is time to pay up! We render account to the traitors who attacked us.” like this Turkey announced, this Sunday morning, its new campaign of attacks against northern Iraq and northern >Syria, where there is a presence and territorial control of the Turkish Kurdish guerrilla of the PKK—in Iraq— and YPG —in Syria—. 

The YPG, linked to the PKK, became allies of the US in 2016 during the fight in the Arab country against the Islamic State (IS). Turkey has been at war against the PKK since the 1980s, and this group, whose leader is in power. imprisoned in Turkey, is considered a terrorist by both Ankara and Washington and Brussels.

According to the Kurdish news agency Mesopotamia, at least 11 civilians strong> —including a journalist— They have died in the Turkish bombardments at dawn this Sunday. They are all in Syria. In Iraq, Turkey has bombed mountainous regionswithout the presence of civilians in which the PKK has its central base. In Syria, however, the attacks have occurred on cities such as Kobane and Qamishlo, population centers just a few hundred meters away from the Turkish border. 

In fact, according to the Turkish press, the bombings have always been carried out from Turkish territory, and no plane from this country has ever landed. s has entered Syrian airspace, controlled by Russia. In addition, Turkey has explained that its bombardments in regions with the presence of Russian soldiers have been precision, not using combat planes but their Bayraktar drones.

The Mesopotamia news agency has also reported that 14 soldiers of the Damascus regime had died in the Turkish attacks. The YPG have confirmed that there are deaths among their ranks, but have not published any figures. 

Three years later

This bombing campaign is Turkey's first large-scale since the fall of 2019, when it attacked, with soldiers on the ground, to the YPG militias in northern Syria. In total, Turkey has carried out three military operations against the Kurdish guerrillas. In Iraq, on the other hand, air strikes and fighting are constant.

On this occasion, Ankara has justified the bombings in response to last Sunday's attack in Istanbul, in which six people died by an explosive planted in one of the busiest pedestrian streets in the city. city on the Bosphorus.

Turkey accuses the YPG and the PKK of being behind this attack. They both deny it. “We have successfully destroyed shelters, bunkers, caves, tunnels, and warehousesof the terrorists. A headquarters of the terrorist organization was also destroyed. Our goal is to guarantee the security of our 85 million citizens and our borders, and to respond to any treacherous attack against our country,” the Turkish Defense Minister said Sunday morning. , Hulusi Akar

According to his Ministry, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, gave his green light He said to the bombing campaign on the plane back to Turkey from the G-20, held this past week in Indonesia.

“If Turkey If you continue these attacks, the whole world will suffer,” YPG leader Maslum Abdi said this morning. “We don't want a war to break out. But if the Turkish state insists on declaring it to us, we are ready for a great resistance. In a war, violence is not limited to one place. It spreads to all “We are on both sides, and all are affected by this war. We call on all concerned to stand up and take up their duty to stop Turkey's brutal attacks,” he said. continued Abdi, in a veiled reference, above all, to the United States, but also to Russia, whose soldiers are present in areas controlled by the YPG.