TVP was again in the heat of criticism. The station made a special statement. What was it this time

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TVP is facing serious criticism again. What exactly was going on?

 TVP has found itself in the heat of criticism. The station issued a special statement. What went this time

As the” Pomponik “portal reminds us, Last weekend was marked by the opening of the shipping channel on the Vistula Spit. On this occasion, on Sunday, September 18, there was a concert organized by Polish Television. The slogan of the event was “I believe in a better tomorrow”. Although it was announced that the concert would be an open event, it quickly turned out that only a handful could appear on stage. TVP explains the situation.

TVP was once again in the heat of criticism

On Saturday, September 17, the shipping channel on the Vistula Spit was officially opened. In connection with the event, TVP decided to organize a special concert. The event was announced by the former president of the public broadcaster, Jacek Kurski. He announced then that a galaxy of stars, including disco polo representatives, would appear on stage.

After Jacek Kurski's resignation on September 5, his successor first decided to cancel the concert and then organize it, but without the disco polo stars. Mateusz Matyszkowicz stated that the event would commemorate the 83rd anniversary of the Soviet aggression against Poland.

Confusion around the concert

TVP sent information to the local government about the organization of a concert for about a thousand people. The authorities of Elbląg drew attention to the fact that the event may want to be attended by many more people, and this requires compliance with specific procedures related to a mass event. That is why TVP decided to introduce a limit on os & oacute; b.

Hence, only a handful of people were in front of the stage, and the rest could only hear what was happening on the stage, because the view was obscured by a black foil stretched around & oacute; ł. After the wave of criticism faced by Telewizja Polska, it was decided to issue a special statement.

“& raquo; We play for freedom and hope for better tomorrow & laquo; – this idea accompanied the artists who took part in a concert organized by TVP on the 83rd anniversary of the Soviet aggression against Poland, on the day of the official opening of the Vistula Spit ditch, which is an element and symbol of building Polish independence from Russia. when organizing this musical show, she worked closely with the city of Elbląg “- we read in a statement sent to” Onet “.

The reason why only a limited number of people could take part in the event were to be safety considerations . It was added that the concert was primarily a “TV broadcast” and could be seen without any problems both on TV and on the VOD.TVP.PL website. Another broadcast was also announced.

What do you think about the whole thing?

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