Twitch bans unauthorized gambling from its platform

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Twitch bans unauthorized gambling from its platform

Twitch is by far the biggest player in the streaming video game industry.

Streaming platform Twitch announced Tuesday evening on Twitter that it would ban broadcasts from gambling sites, including “slots, roulette or dice games”, and This, effective October 18.

Twitch does not, however, prohibit sports betting, fantasy sports and poker. Broadcasts showing slot machines, roulette or dice games will also remain permitted, if these websites are licensed in the United States or other jurisdictions offering sufficient consumer protection.

Games from the sites,, and will be prohibited, according to these new rules.

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Voices have been rising for months for Amazon-owned Twitch to crack down on this type of content delivered by instavideasts (streamers) followed by thousands of Internet users on the platform. The Laval resident FĂ©lix xQc Lengyel, followed by 11.2 million people, notably used to frequent the online casino during its live sessions.

A first wave of denunciation on the public space had forced Twitch to regulate more this type of diffusion in August 2021. The site had thus prohibited the exchange of reference codes and URLs towards sites of games of chance and money to avoid scams.

Twitch tweeted that it plans to release more details about the banning of such content before its new policy takes effect.< /p>

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