Twitch wants to make fundraising easier for charities


Twitch wants to facilitate fundraising for charities

Twitch has called on PayPal to manage donations received through the new Twitch Charity service.

The Twitch streaming platform will make available to its instavideasts (streamers) a tool that will allow them to conduct fundraisers for charities with just a few clicks.

Or so the network promises social in a blog post announcing the upcoming launch of Twitch Charity. The new feature is available in beta mode to a limited number of content creators at this time.

For instavideasts, it makes the process of raising funds more transparent and easier, it is said.

The financial component of the tool will be managed by PayPal Giving Fund, which already uses PayPal technologies to enable fundraising on various platforms such as Facebook or eBay. So, no headaches in sight with the taxman.

The social network will gradually add to a list of recognized charities from which instavideasts can choose the destination of donations. A page explaining how to set up fundraisers has been put online.

Twitch assures in its blog post that all donations will go directly to the PayPal Giving Fund, which says to its side does not charge service fees on donations in Canada.

People using Twitch who wanted to fundraise on the platform until now had to turn to companies third parties, who often took a commission on donations.


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