Twitter Blue, the paid version of Twitter, will cost more


Twitter Blue, the paid version of Twitter, will cost more

Twitter Blue is currently available in four countries, including Canada.

Twitter social network not immune to price hikes: People who want to subscribe to Twitter Blue for the first time since Thursday have to pay $3 more per month for the same service.

Twitter's paid service launched in June 2021 for $3.49 per month in Canada, and equivalent amounts in the United States, New Zealand and Australia. The social network has increased this price to $6.49 for the monthly subscription, without adding any new functions, according to a note published in the social network's help center.

People already subscribed to the formula will continue to pay the same price until further notice. A notice will be sent to them 30 days before the rate increase, according to Twitter.

Twitter Blue notably allows people who subscribe to it to add bookmarks, obtain early access to certain features and personalize their profile.

But above all, the subscription adds a button that allows you to undo or edit a tweet within 30 seconds of hitting “post”, the closest thing yet to an edit button, an addition that network followers have been asking for for years social.

Paying for this formula does not, however, allow you to get rid of advertisements in your news feed.

Twitter Blue s' part of a movement by technology giants towards the diversification of revenue sources to gradually abandon the advertising model.

The social network has been in the spotlight for a few weeks in particular due to tech mogul Elon Musk's attempted reversal of Twitter's takeover. The transaction was valued at US$44 billion (C$56.3 billion), and the case will be heard in court next October.


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