Twitter finally reacts to issues with third-party apps

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Twitter finally responds to issues with third-party apps

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The social network of tweets has finally broke the silence and provided an explanation for the unexpected shutdown on January 12 of several third-party applications that use Twitter.

Followers of tools like Tweetbot and Twitterrific have been unable to connect or use them for nearly a week. The developers of these applications had so far received no official communication from the social network announcing a disconnection.

Third-party applications are software connected to the data and functionalities of 'another software, but which use their own interface and sometimes add other tools.

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, the Twitter network said it was reinforcing some long-established rules of its programming interface that allows two apps to communicate with each other (API), which could result in some apps not working. .

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The social network, however, did not specify what these rules were, which displeased managers of third-party applications, seeking solutions to their problems.

Tweetbot notably allows its followers to write notes on certain profiles, in order to remember why their account is being followed, for example.

This statement from Twitter was eagerly awaited by the companies that develop them. Tapbots, the parent company of Tweetbot, reacted in a response to the social network's tweet: Tweetbot has been around for over 10 years. We have always adhered to the Twitter API rules. If there is an existing rule that we need to comply with, we would be happy to do so, if possible. But we need to know what it is.

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U.S. news outlet The Information had published internal company conversations about Slack productivity software last week that hinted it might be a intentional maneuver on the part of the social network, motivated by the fact that third-party applications do not help to generate advertising revenue for Twitter.

An engineer had mentioned that the outage was intentional , and another person had added that a communication was being prepared, without specifying a timetable for sending.

With information from Engadget, and The Information

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