Twitter greenlights edit button in Canada, Australia and New Zealand

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  • The update is only for Twitter Blue users and this change incorporates a version of changes made

  • Not yet available in the US of the novelty

Twitter green-lights the edit button in Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Twitter has decided to listen to its users and has finally incorporated a button to edit tweets. But it is only Currently available for users of Twitter Blue -a version of the same application, but for a fee and with more news and advances- in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

so It has been reported by the same Twitter Blue portal, which had already advanced that they were working on the function at the end of this September. “Hello. This is a test to see if the edit button works, we will let you know how it works,” the company said in a tweet. In the tweet we can see that there is a section where it says “Last edited at 10:57PM, September 29, 2022”. This would be the last edit date, and if we click on the text, we can see the edit history with the text of the original tweet.

And four days after the announcement, from the same account they have notified that the test has gone well and that all Twitter Blue members in Canada, Australia and New Zealand can now try the novelty. The United States, on the other hand, will be the next to taste the novelty.