Twitter is losing its most buoyant followers, internal documents show

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Twitter is losing its most dynamic followers, according to internal documents

Billionaire Elon Musk is set to buy the social network for 44 billion US dollars.

“Is Twitter dying? asked billionaire Elon Musk in April, five days before filing his offer to buy the social network, the twists and turns of which continue to make headlines.

Reality, according to documents internal obtained by the Reuters agency is that it is not just a few celebrities who are abandoning their Twitter account.

The company is struggling to capture the attention of Internet users who were the most dynamic on the social network, which poses a major challenge for its future.

These tweeters and intensive tweeters ( heavy tweeters) account for less than 10% of social network followers, but produce 90% of posts and generate half of overall revenue.

Among the heavy users, we consider Internet users who connect six to seven times a week to the social network and publish at least three to four messages during the same period.

Their numbers have been declining since the start of the pandemic. An internal Twitter document asks the question explicitly: Where have the tweeters gone? [Twitter users].

Content related to cryptocurrencies and those intended for an adult audience (pornography and nudity, in particular) are those that have aroused the strongest growth in interest among English-speaking audiences over the past two years. However, this could have the effect of making the platform less appealing to advertisers.

At the same time, tweets about news, sports and entertainment are less popular on the platform. It is the discussions surrounding this type of content, giving the reputation of a virtual public place, which are the most attractive for advertisers.

Twitter does not provide data on the proportion of English posts on its platform, but its revenue in the United States is more than the revenue of all other markets combined, suggesting that ads targeting the Anglosphere remain the most important, according to analysts.

Internal Twitter documents do not allow firm conclusions to be drawn on the reasons which could explain the drop in the number of Internet users who use the social network avidly .

Twitter staffers have told Reuters news agency they fear that Elon Musk's wish to loosen moderation on the platform – and also to lay off carries 75% of its staff โ€“ could affect the quality of content.

There seems to be a significant chasm between what I imagine to be our values โ€‹โ€‹of business and growing trends [on Twitter], explained a of people who speak in internal Twitter documents.

With information from Reuters

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