Twitter suspends the payment plan of verified accounts after the avalanche of impostors

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Twitter suspends payment plan for verified accounts after avalanche of imposters

The new and controversial subscription of payment on Twitter has lasted a newscast. Specifically, six days. At least as he presented it. the owner of the social network, the tycoon Elon Musk: last November 5th he established a premium service of eight euros per month that allows users, among other things, to buy the blue verification badge. In other words, the control over the real identity of the accounts has disappeared. This has caused imposters to come outof companies, politicians and celebrities from under the stones. In fact, shares of pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly fell 4% this Friday after a false profile published a hoax about the company. It is not the only case, but it is the one that has caused Musk to back down. The controversial option is suspended 'without day'.

Musk released Twitter Blue subscription to try to make the company profitable, which loses four million euros every day after a massive flight of advertisers. In addition, it was agreed that paying for the blue badge would make it possible to fight against bots and counterfeits.

Musk's companies have also been copied

Nothing is further from reality: there is now a verified former US president George W. Bush who misses “killing Iraqis” and a Tony Blair'fake' that has given it a 'like'. An impostor of the basketball player LeBron James has appeared, who has asked to leave the Los Angeles Lakers, and there is already a 'verified' Jesus Christ. Even Nintendo, Lockeed Martin and Musk's own companies, Telsa and Space X, have also been copied.

Another measure was to fire half of the company's employees and not even the global editorial chief,  director of ethics and transparency, the head of information and the head of strategy. The decision was not liked. and in addition, other top executives in charge of security or reviewing the contents resigned. However, Musk does not control Twitter, but chaos reigns.

Chaos and controversy

The company has not made any official announcementabout the temporary suspension onpayment plan for verified accounts. 'The Washington Post' has had access to an internal note from the company that indicated that the premium service was temporarily disabled “to help resolve the problems of&nbsp ;identity theft”.

Who does? has manifested is the tycoon. “Going forward, accounts dedicated to parody should include 'parody' in their name, not just in the bio. Misleading people is not okay,” Musk acknowledged. in different tweets.

Erratic decisions

Faced with the controversy, the company has already stopped in deploying Twitter Blue in the United States so that it would not interfere with the country's mid-term elections. On Wednesday, the company tried to again stop the chaos. announced which will add A second verification mark: the original ones, the blue ones, would be for the paid profiles and the gray symbol would be given to the really official ones.

Twitter's early-stage product manager, Esther Crawford, said the gray badge would be for “government accounts, businesses, partners businessmen, major media, publishers and some public figures“. However, less than 24 hours later, Musk decided to The media and celebrities were excluded from this selection, transferring the confusion that the company is experiencing to the users of the social network.