Twitter: this new feature that will revolutionize Spaces

Twitter: this new feature that will revolutionize Spaces

Twitter Spaces is making its little revolution by allowing users to access a new feature. What do the tweeters think?

New to Twitter Spaces? It’s not so surprising. Indeed, only the true fans of the Twitter application use this very attractive tool. Moreover, a new feature that could revolutionize the application. Small remedial course for the uninitiated. A Twitter space, as we say in French, is in a way your personal living room on the social network of the blue bird. What is it used for ? Just like at home, you can receive guests and chat among yourselves. The whole point is that you, the host, can invite whoever you want to your room, even people who don’t follow you.

This tool for having audio conversations between tweeters remains for the quite elitist moment. And for good reason, you can only have a show if you have a minimum of 600 followers. The goal is to be able to share your podcasts live, discuss a subject or simply show off! In short, it is the Twitter version of the very popular Instagram lives. We find the same mechanics. A host, often a guest and viewers. The interest for the host is to manage his space and to banish the speakers at his discretion. Always in development, Spaces constantly offers us new options.

Twitter fumbles with Spaces

What's new at Twitter? Spaces is looking for itself and trying new features. Thus, users of the function will now be able to start a Spaces conversation from a simple tweet. The objective is to promote and facilitate debate between users of the social network. Vocal and spontaneous comments are likely to rain. Still in the test phase, Twitter is trying to collect feedback from Spaces aficionados. Also, what do they think? To find out, you just have to scroll through the comments on Twitter. For now, many are skeptical. It reads: “This could cause a lot of trouble. Imagine you use it and then whoever wrote the tweet edits it to say something entirely different”or just “we don’t want it”. Like every new idea, this feature of Spaces will have to prove itself and win over users.

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