Twitter will add another label to verify accounts and confuse users even more

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Twitter will add another tag to verify accounts and confuse users even more

The 'new' Twitter of Elon Musk continues to announce news. If in the last days the social networkannounced a payment plan (Twitter Blue) so that users can buy the blue verification mark of their account for 8 euros per month, has now announced that will introduce a new label to distinguish those accounts from other official ones.

In this way, Twitter will spend It will have two labels: one to identify users who have checked out and another to identify relevant accounts such as those of government authorities, companies, the media and public figures.

The second , which will mark the selected accounts with the words “Official”, will perform the same function that the blue check mark performed before Musk and his new team decided to put it up for sale.

Which accounts will be “official?”

The measure has sparked criticism from the Twitter community, concerned about changes that seem to be making users more confused about the future operation of the platform. And it is that “not all previously verified accounts will be labeled as official”, as specified by the director of products in the initial phase of Twitter, Esther Crawford. It is not yet clear who will select the what accounts maintain the blue badge and on what basis? criteria.

The Twitter Blue plan will allow Paying users will not only receive their verification pin, but will also have other advantages such as being able to post longer videos than allowed and, especially, their messages will be amplified to that they reach more people, thus harming the to free users. As he progressed the journalist Casey Newton, Musk is even studying making all Twitter mandatory payment, a possibility not yet confirmed.