Twitter will allow political ads again

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Twitter will re-allow political advertisements

Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco , in California.

The social network Twitter, in the midst of a storm since its takeover by Elon Musk last October, announced that it would again allow users to make political ads, ending a three-year-old ban. years.

This important change is part of a desire to increase the revenues of the company, acquired by the South African billionaire for 44 billion dollars (59 billion Canadians).

The social media platform released the information late Tuesday evening: We will be relaxing our policy for ads about causes in the United States.

We also plan to expand political advertising that we allow in the coming weeks, said the company from its Twitter Safety account.

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Twitter banned all political advertising in 2019, in response to growing concern over misinformation spreading on social media.

At the time, Jack Dorsey , then CEO of the American company, had said that while web advertisements are powerful and effective for business partners, this power carries significant risks for politics, where it can be used to sway votes and affect the lives of millions of people.

Musk's change seems a departure from Dorsey's philosophy, which banned ads for political candidates, parties, or government officials or appointees.

Political advertising made up a tiny portion of Twitter's overall revenue, accounting for less than US$3 million (C$4.1 million) of total spending for the 2018 US midterm elections.

Returning to this ban, Twitter explained that cause-based advertising can facilitate conversation around important topics and that this change will align the platform's advertising policy with that of television and other media, without giving further details.

In March 2021, Facebook had lifted its ban on ads on political and social issues, put in place after the x27;presidential election the American of 2020.

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