Two Catalan tourists die in a balloon accident in Cappadocia

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  • According to local authorities, the incident was caused by an unexpected increase in wind speed

  • They were part of a group of 22 women who on Monday he had started a circuit around the country

Two Catalan tourists die in a balloon accident in Cappadocia

Two Catalan tourists from Lloret de Mar< /strong>, Maria Cristina Baltrons, 62, and Dolors Massana, 64, have died this Tuesday morning in a hot air balloon accident strong>in the tourist region of Cappadocia, inTurkey. Because of the accident, five other tourists —also neighbors of Lloret— they have been injured and hospitalized. in the icu All of them were part of a group of 22 women who were participating in a tour of Turkey organized by a travel agency in this town of La Selva, as confirmed by the town council.

At the time of the accident, there were 28 tourists and two crewmembers in the balloon, including the 22 neighbors of Lloret, who had started their trip on Monday. It was not the first time that the group traveled together, but they used to go out often, according to 'Diari de Girona'.

“The hot air balloon took off. at 07:25 this morning and performed A forced landing at 08:50 in the Kavak region, in Nevsehir province, [where it is located]. Cappadocia]. After the accident, our teams went to the accident site”, the governor of the province explained in a statement on Tuesday. 

“According to the first determinations, the accident happened after due to unexpected increase in wind. A judicial and administrative investigation has been initiated in relation to the accident”, reads the statement.

Psychological assistance< has been activated. /strong> to the families —explained the City Council of Lloret de Mar—.The town hall makes itself available to those affected and their entourages for assistance and processingwhatever it is necessary before this accident in Turkey”.

The company that owns the balloon, however, assures that there was a security failure during the landing. “During the descent, the people who did not take the reduction position fell from the basket,” said the company's manager, Abdullah Inal. The survivors of the accident, however, have assured the police that it is. followed the safety instructions during the This was an emergency landing, according to an anonymous diplomatic source from the Spanish Embassy in Turkey. A unique millennial in the center of the Anatolian peninsula, it is one of the most famous tourist spots in Turkey. There, every morning, hundreds of tourists board hot-air balloons that dazzle one of the most renowned sunrises in the world. The weather conditions in the area, difficult in the autumn and winter months, force in many cases to cancel or delay these flights.

The City Council of Lloret , which has already made itself available to the families of the victims, has decreed three days of mourning for the death of its two neighbors. The flags of the consistory will fly at half-staff and this Tuesday a minute of silence will be held in his memory.