Two countries refused to participate in Eurovision-2023

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Two countries refused to participate in Eurovision 2023

Total cost of participation in competition for all broadcasters is typically around $5.65 million.

Montenegro and North Macedonia will not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, which will be held next May in Liverpool. This is reported by the BBC.

The reason for this was the high cost of participation in the competition, but the amount varies depending on the size of the country. According to the BBC, after Russia's disqualification due to the attack on Ukraine, the fee for some countries increased.

“In addition to the significant costs of registration fees, as well as the cost of staying in the UK – we also encountered a lack of interest from sponsors , therefore, we have decided to use the available resources to finance ongoing and planned national projects,” Montenegrin public broadcaster RTCG said.

With regard to North Macedonia, the public broadcaster stated that the refusal to participate in Eurovision 2023 was dictated “an increase in the registration fee and the energy crisis in the country.”

The organizers of the song contest – the EBU – said they are trying to make the cost of participation in the competition as affordable as possible, “and their fees are calculated depending on the number of countries- participants.

Earlier it was reported that next year the International Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the British city of Leaver bullets.

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