Two elderly people are killed in their home in Panama in an alleged robbery

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  • Authorities have detained a suspect in connection with the crime, although the investigation is still ongoing

Two elderly people are killed in their home in Panama in an alleged robbery

Two elderly people were < strong>murdered this Monday in a sector of the Panamanian capital by unknown persons who broke into their residence presumably with the intention of committing a robberysaid an official source. “There are signs of violence against these two elderly citizens who were allegedly victims of a robbery,” said the police officer. The director of the National Police (PN), John Dornheim, told the journalists.

Dornheim advanced his news. that so far a suspect has been arrestedand it will be investigated. I wonder if there are more involved in this crime that occurred in the sector of the capital known as Chanis. The police chief reiterated his that the indications lead to the fact that it was a robbery since the victims “show signs of violence”, highlighting that the neighbors alerted about the presence near the place of one of the possible involved who was apprehended.

Panama closed 2022 with a total of 501 homicide victims, approximately 9% less than the previous year in which 550 murders were recorded, according to figures released last week by the Public Ministry (MP/Fiscalí a). The metropolitan area, where the Panamanian capital is located, is the area with the highest incidence, registering 198 homicides, followed by the province of Colón, 91; San Miguelito (popular neighborhood on the outskirts of Panama City), 80; Panama Oeste, 45, and Chiriquí (border with Costa Rica), 20.

2022 recorded 2022. a drop in homicides in Panama – country of 4 million inhabitants – after 5 consecutive years on the rise: 412 in 2017, 439 in 2018, 480 in 2019, 500 in 2020 and 550 in 2021, according to the statistics of the Fiscalí a.