Two pedophiles as spouses, his two daughters assaulted

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Two pé dophiles as spouses, his two daughters assaulted

The stepfathers committed several acts of a sexual nature that had serious consequences for the victims.

A mother saw her two exes -spouses sentenced to six and four years in prison, in the space of two weeks, at the Quebec City courthouse.

The two men sexually assaulted his daughters, who were 13 and 9 years old when the acts began.

The woman had a first daughter, Sarah*, before separating from the father. She then meets Steven*, with whom she begins a romantic relationship from which Laura* will be born.

At the end of this relationship, Steven, who shares custody of Laura, also takes in Sarah, whom he watched growing up, even though he was not her biological father.

It is in this context that the ex-spouse will train Sarah to have complete sexual relations with him, about fifteen times, between January 2019 and February 2020.

The mother has been forming a couple for a few years now with Pierre*. From March 2020, Pierre will lure Laura into sexual activities, also about fifteen times.

Pierre takes advantage of the absence of the mother, who works in the evenings , to introduce the 9-year-old girl to sexuality.

During episodes of fondling, on two occasions he asked the little victim to perform oral sex.

During the sentencing, Judge Hélène Bouillon asked x27;is shown perplexed by the actions of the 57-year-old man.

The stepfather knew that the other daughter of his spouse, older sister of his own victim, lived the harmful consequences of the sexual assaults committed by Steven.

And the consequences are just as devastating for the youngest, Steven's biological daughter, now 10 years old.

The little victim described herself in a document for the court the repercussions attacks.

At school, when there is a substitute, I panic because I am not comfortable, wrote the girl, who said to experience a lot of anger and anguish.

In imposing the sentence on Pierre, Judge Bouillon said she wanted this child to realize sooner rather than later that she had nothing to reproach herself for. The presiding judge added that she had done the right thing by denouncing her stepfather.

After the denunciation, the family unit broke up. The judge also insisted on reminding the little girl that she did not have to bear the brunt of it, this burden falling solely on her attacker.

Pierre, who had already started therapy while awaiting his sentence, went to prison for a total sentence of four and a half years, this Friday.

Steven, aged 44, was sentenced to six years in prison on September 30.

A court order protects the identity of the two young victims.

*fictitious first names to comply with the court order

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