Two teenagers plead guilty to planning a shooting at their school

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Two teenagers plead guilty to planning a shooting at their school

The hall of the Youth Division of the Court of Quebec in Montreal. Two of the four teenagers showed up and pleaded guilty to uttering death threats and conspiracy.

The last two teenagers charged in a sordid conspiracy to carry out a shooting at their Montreal high school last year have pleaded guilty in the Youth Division of the Court of Quebec.

Accompanied by their parents, the two teenagers, aged 15 at the time of the charges, confessed to being inspired by the tragedy of Columbine, which left 15 dead and 24 injured in 1999, in their plan to murder, by shooting , a classmate and then go after the other students of their secondary school.

A documentary about the tragedy had been shown in class by a teacher to raise awareness among students about the armed violence. But, obviously, the exercise did not have the desired effect on the four students.

In the summer of 2021, they conspired to carry out a murderous spree as soon as school started.

After seeing two of their accomplices plead guilty in January , the other two accused youths have, in turn, pleaded guilty to uttering death threats and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault on students and staff at their high school.

Added to this is an accusation of wanting to set fire to property belonging to their school.

The evidence of police officers from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) had established that they planned to block the emergency exits, set them on fire and shoot at point-blank range on anyone in their line of fire.

Exchanges by text messaging had made it possible to demonstrate that they had obtained a book on the manufacture of incendiary explosive devices in order to cause a general panic.

There was also talk of throwing Molotov cocktails to burn random victims alive.

The young people were at the step to find weapons to implement their macabre plan. A member of the group reportedly bragged about how to obtain TEC-9s, semi-automatic weapons with high-capacity magazines.

Fortunately, the confidences of one of the four accomplices to a social worker allowed the SPVM to proceed to the arrest of the members of the group, before they committed the irreparable.

As the day of the massacre planned by the group of teenagers approached, one of them sent this text message in English to his accomplices: Last day of class for some, we'll go down in history. Get ready for the party!

As an endorsement, one of his accomplices texted him the song Pumped Up Kicks (in which a youth, armed, evokes a shooting).

The teenagers also intended to use a loudspeaker portable to listen to music during the expected carnage.

In court, while the summary of the evidence against them was read, the young people, accompanied by their parents, remained marble.

The teenager targeted by the group's threats was present in court, along with members of his family. They became particularly emotional when the details surrounding the planning of his assassination were recalled, upon reading the circumstances of the evidence.

Since the 2021 indictment of the group of teenagers for this murderous plot, the families of the defendants have shown no empathy towards the parents of the teenager who was to be executed by bullets according to the plan foiled by the police.

They were notably accused of having ruined the lives of four teenagers for what would have been only; a bad joke, intended to scare.

The last two teenagers accused in this case will be back in court on December 9, in the Youth Division of the Court of Quebec, to receive their punishment.

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