Two year old boy died trying to save his dog from burning house

Двухлетний мальчик погиб, попытавшись спасти свою собаку из горящего дома

Two year old boy died trying to rescue his dog from a burning house Author: Elena Abdulaeva Boy died trying to rescue pet Photo: Arkansas children news American news USA fire USA

The little boy from Arkansas was killed when he ran back into the burning house to save your pet, as told by his family and as specified in the police report.

Family Loki Nicole Sharpe for the time lost 23-month-old boy out of sight, when they called for help and tried to extinguish the flames on Saturday night, reports the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Family did not notice that the child has returned home in an attempt to save his dog, told a news edition of the fire chief gentry Vester Cripps.

Boy found dead in the house. The dog also died in the fire.

“You will be sorely missed and we love you very much”– wrote devastated the boy’s father Curtis sharp in his post on Facebook on Monday. “We know that you’re home now and we are very sorry to know that you left so early. But dad, mom, your whole family love you very much”.

Fly high baby boy u are missed and extremely loved. We know ur home and it kills us to see u have to go so soon. But mommy and daddy and all ur siblings and family love u dearly

Geplaatst door KD Sharp op Maandag 2 december 2019

Sharpe asked the people who attended the funeral, only to abstain from black as favorite colors boy was red, white and black. “So combine them, please”,- he wrote. “We do not want that it was more sad than it be so”.

To cover the funeral expenses of the child and for a new home for the family who lost everything in the fire, was to create a page to raise funds. “They lost not only their belongings but also precious child”– was said on the page to collect donations on Facebook. “We need all the donations you can collect. The last thing we want to worry family at this difficult time is money”.

“I want to say, never take children for granted”, wrote sharp on Monday. “Appreciate every moment with them! We love you, baby, and we know that you’re in a better place now!”

Presumably fire started because of overloaded circuits.

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