Two-year-old was killed after returning to burning house to save a puppy

Двухлетний ребенок погиб, вернувшись в горящий дом, чтобы спасти щенка

In the U.S. state of Arkansas tragedy. In the house of spouses, Curtis and caitlyn Sharpe in the result of a short circuit the fire broke out. They ran outside with his son Loki Nicole Mason. Parents who called for help and tried to extinguish the fire, not keep track of the child. He went back into the burning house to save her beloved puppy.

According to the newspaper Metro, and the boy and the dog died. Loki in a month, would be two years.

“I want to say — never take their children for granted. Cherish every moment with them. We love you baby and know that you’re in a better place now,” wrote the boy’s father in the social network Facebook.

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