Tyler Rake 2 will take longer than expected to release on Netflix


The sequel to the Netflix phenomenon, Tyler Rake 2, will ultimately not invest in the platform's catalog this year.

A surprise event during the pandemic, the ultra-violent action filmTyler Rake pleasantly entertained Netflix subscribers with its effective script and skillful distribution of mandalas choreographed. With no less than 90 million views recorded during its first 28 days of broadcast on the platform, the footage was quickly guaranteed a sequel with the Red N, much to the delight of the Russo brothers and Sam Hargrave.

Indeed, the duo of filmmakers and the stuntman behind the project had previously spoken of their excitement at the idea of ​​evolving Tyler Rakefirst to a franchise, then to an extended universe. And since this confirmation, the production seemed to be going well; last April, Sam Hargrave even confirmed on his Instagram account the end of the filming of this new opus worn by Chris Hemsworth. Enough to give aficionados of the first film hope for a release by the end of 2022 on the platform. Never mind.

More badass than Thor

Inspired by the comics Ciudad, written by Ande Parks, Tyler Rake tells the story of his namesake character, a bereaved mercenary tasked by a high-ranking Indian underworld official with rescuing his son from a brutal kidnapping. And if the latter finally managed, at the end of the footage, to fulfill his mission and save the child, the final sequence cast doubt on the return of Chris Hemsworth in the event of a potential sequel.

An excerpt unveiled by Netflix on the occasion of the digital event Tudum had nevertheless been able to reassure the fans of the attracted interpreter of the God of Thunder: at the gates of death, but very much alive, the hero had indeed survived the sympathetic bale screeningwhich he had been subjected to. Moreover, while the ins and outs of this new plot still remain secret, an interview given to Collider by Joe Russo, the screenwriter of the two films, nevertheless revealed that a radical change was to be expected:

Meditation under -marie while waiting for the exit

“There will be a chromatic palette different, the plot will be set in a whole different part of the world, the pace and tone won't be the same either… Which, to me, is a very interesting way to serialize a story. and unexpected, and clearly, the viewer will not be dealing with the same film as the first.”

A statement thus paving the way for all expectations regarding this new film. To find out, however,viewers will have to wait until 2023. The time until then to discover Chris Hemsworth on the poster of the rather bad Thor: Love and Thunder, currently in theaters, or the latest film from the Russo brothers, The Gray Man , on Netflix.


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