U.S. film critics named the best film of 2019 (photo)

В США кинокритики назвали лучший фильм 2019 года (фото)

On Tuesday, December 3, the national Council of film critics USA (The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures) has announced the winners of its annual awards at the end of 2019. Best film it is a crime drama Martin Scorsese’s “the Irishman”, where the main role was played by Robert de Niro, al Pacino and Joe Pesci.

NBR President Annie Soulhop said: “We admiringly called ‘Irish’ best film. A Masterpiece By Martin Scorsese. We can call this gangster Saga, which is a thrilling, deep, perfectly lined up sight, which brought together all that is best in modern cinema. We are also happy to announce that Scorsese, de Niro and Pacino will receive our annual honorary award Icon Award. They proved that they are the true icons of cinema.”

В США кинокритики назвали лучший фильм 2019 года (фото)A scene from the movie “the Irishman”

“Irish” has also brought the NBR award screenwriter Stephen Zaillian.

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Best Director this year the national Council of film critics USA called Quentin Tarantino for the film “One day in Hollywood…”. Brad pitt, who played in this film stuntman, is recognized as the best actor of the second plan.

В США кинокритики назвали лучший фильм 2019 года (фото)Brad pitt in the movie “One day in Hollywood…”

To the surprise of many the best actor was Adam Sandler, who played a major role in the Thriller “Rough jewels”.

В США кинокритики назвали лучший фильм 2019 года (фото)Adam Sandler in the Thriller “Rough jewels”

This Thriller, filmed by the brothers Josh and benny Sadfi. For Sandler, a popular Comedy actor, the genre is unusual.

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Best actress recognized Renee Zellweger, who plays the legendary actress and singer Judy garland in the biographical drama “Judy”.

В США кинокритики назвали лучший фильм 2019 года (фото)Renee Zellweger in the movie “Judy”

And best supporting actress was Kathy Bates for her role in the drama of Clint Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell”. This painting is loosely based on real events that occurred in 1996 at the Summer Olympic games in Atlanta. Jewell saved the lives of hundreds of people, disarm the bombs left by terrorists, but he was accused of organizing the terrorist attack. Actor Paul Walter Hauser, who played Richard, was awarded the NBR as the best debutant.

В США кинокритики назвали лучший фильм 2019 года (фото)A scene from the movie “Richard Jewell”

Best animated film critics named “How to train your dragon 3”. Best foreign film recognized the picture of the “Parasites” South Korean Director Pont Chung Ho, who in may received the “Golden palm” in Cannes.

The award ceremony will be held on January 8 in new York.

Traditionally, NBR named the 10 best films of the year, shot in English and five best foreign films. These lists are arranged in alphabetical order based on English-language titles.

Ten best movies of 2019, shot in English

“1917” is a historical drama by British Director Sam Mendes about the First world war

“My name is Dolemite” — biographical drama about the life of popular American artist Rudy Moore, whose role is brilliantly played by Eddie Murphy

“Outsiders” — a drama by James Mangold with Matt Damon and Christian Bale about the sport of racing

“Jojo rabbit” — a satirical black Comedy by new Zealand Director Taiki of Waititi

“Knives unsheathed” is an American detective by David Craig in the title role (the film won the NBR award for best acting ensemble)

“Marriage story” — a Comedy-drama Noah Bumabaha with Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson

“One day in Hollywood…” — the acclaimed Quentin Tarantino film with Leonardo DiCaprio, brad pitt and Margot Robbie

“Richard Jewell” — a drama by Clint Eastwood

“Rough jewels” is a Thriller with Adam Sandler

“Waves” — drama directed by Trey Edward Shults

Five best foreign films to 2019

“Atlantic” — drama directed by Mati Diop, a joint production of France, Belgium and Senegal

“Invisible life” — drama brazilskoe Director Karim Inusa, taken together with German filmmakers

“Pain and glory” — autobiographical drama by the famous Spanish Director Pedro Almodovar

В США кинокритики назвали лучший фильм 2019 года (фото)Antonio Banderas in the movie “Pain and glory”

“Portrait of a girl in the fire” is a historical drama by French Director Celine Samma

“Transit” — a drama by German Director Christian Petzold, based on the novel by Anna Seghers

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The opinion of the National Council of film critics USA is essential. Very often the NBR award winners and then become winners of other prestigious awards, including the award “Oscar”. For example, last year the Council was named the best film of “the Green book”, which then received the “Oscar”.

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