U.S. launches lip glosses flavored with chicken wing sauces


    Chicken wing sauce flavored lip glosses launched in the US

    Each gloss costs $18, and the entire line can be purchased for $65.

    America chain Applebee has teamed up with New York-based cosmetics brand Winky Lux to launch Saucy Gloss, a line of lip glosses inspired by the flavors of chicken wing sauce found across the country, according to KTLA.

    The collection includes four different “tastes”: Get Me Hot Buffalo, Sweet Chile Kiss, Be My Honey Pepper and Honey BBQ-T, each with its own shade.

    “A shimmery, smoky BBQ shade with a touch of honey sweetness that will make your kisses just want (Honey BBQ). Gorgeous golden honey sheen with shimmering flecks will make you a queen bee on a date night (Honey Pepper). Deep rich red color with a touch of small gold “Sweet Asian Chile” chile specks that add “mmm” to makeup. A creamy coral hue infused with a buffalo spiciness that your ex would never be able to handle (Hot Buffalo+ Wing Sauce)” describes each of the colors on the website brand.

    Chicken wing sauce flavored lip gloss released in the US

    Chicken wing sauce-flavoured lip gloss released in USA

    Chicken Wing Sauces Flavored Lipgloss Released in the US

    “Applebee's is known for its first dates and wings, which are one of our most popular items on our menu,” stated in a press release Applebee Chief Marketing Officer Joel Jashinski. He offered to make the date unforgettable by kissing lips that were covered in gloss flavored with his favorite sauce.

    Along with the announcement of the lip gloss line, Applebees released a YouTube video showcasing the colors and flavors in a music video inspired by Christina's composition Aguilera Lady Marmalade, calling on the public to “taste my face.”

    “We're excited about this unexpected collaboration with Applebee. We love adding a playful touch to everyday beauty… This collaboration reflects cutting-edge innovation and the playful spirit of our brand “, – emphasized the co-founder and CEO of Winky Lux Natalie Macchie.

    One tube of gloss will cost customers $18, and the entire line – $65.


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