Uber relaunches ride-sharing option in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal

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Uber relaunches a carpooling option in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal

According to Uber, the UberX Sharing option will be available later this week in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

After UberPool, Uber is relaunching a carpooling option for its users in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. UberX Sharing will allow passengers who select the option to share their ride if they are traveling in the same direction.

According to the company, users who choose the ridesharing option will benefit up to 20% upfront discount.

We know affordability plays a role when people make decisions about how to get from point A to point B, says Uber Canada Mobility General Manager Michael van Hemmen, in a press release. This new shared ride option will provide a more affordable and sustainable experience for riders and the cities we serve.

Uber previously launched the UberPool app in Toronto in 2015, but it was put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic. The app allowed two customers traveling in the same direction to be paired up to save on the fare.

The company says it redesigned the experience after listened to feedback from drivers and users.

With UberX Share, carpooling could add 6 minutes to the trip, estimates Uber. The driver will receive a $1 bonus when picking up a second passenger.

In Vancouver, the option will be available between the Columbia University campus Columbia (UBC) to the west and Springer and Royal Oak avenues to the east, excluding Stanley Park.

In Montreal, it will be possible to use it between Lawrence River to the south, Rivière des Prairies to the north, Pie IX Boulevard to the east, and Cavendish Boulevard and 32nd Avenue to the west.

In Toronto, UberX Partage can be used within the municipal city limits.

According to the company, this option will be available later this week.