Ubisoft invites players to celebrate their Ubisoft journey with a personal summary

Ubisoft invites players to celebrate their Ubisoft journey with a personal summary

Ubisoft invites players to celebrate their Ubisoft journey with a personal summary

On October 21st, Ubisoft announced the release of Ubisoft Connect, the largest overhaul to its ecosystem of player services yet, designed for a new era of gaming. This new universal ecosystem brings millions of gamers together and enhances their experience in and around Ubisoft’s games so that they can play, progress and keep in touch with friends anywhere.

To celebrate the players and their gaming experiences, Ubisoft Connect is starting this new adventure with a dedicated and time-limited feature that gives players a glimpse into their unique journey with Ubisoft over the past few years with personalized videos and infographics based on their in-game data five years there.

From November 16 to December 14 players have the opportunity to create their own personal wrap-up at ubisoftconnect.com/wrapup and look back at their gaming memories from the past five years *.

The Wrap Up function is available in eleven languages ​​and relies on a variety of statistics, such as the number of games played, total playing time, kilometers covered in various games, K / D ratio, number of friends and much more.

Ubisoft Connect Wrap-Up uses these statistics to generate personalized infographics that reflect players’ unique journeys. To bring these to life, Ubisoft and its partners Biborg and Idomoo used graphics and content to create a narrative for each individual player, with which they can relive their best moments in the game.

Players whose playing time has generated enough data can create their own personalized video. Based on more than 30,000 unique, personalized scenarios that depend on the performance of the players and the games they play, the videos enable players to immerse themselves in their gaming journey with Ubisoft over the years.

Ubisoft Connect also has a special surprise in store for its most committed players, with an added bonus at the end of the video: a “thank you” message from a member of the production team for their favorite game.

The Wrap Up campaign has been very well received by the communities since its launch. Thousands of players share their personalized wrap-ups on social media.

All players can now celebrate their Ubisoft journey with their Ubisoft Connect Wrap Up and share it on social media with #UbisoftConnectWrapUp. This is a limited time feature so players will only be able to download, create, or view their wrap-ups until December 14th.

More information is available on the Ubisoft Connect Youtube channel.

* Statistics start in September 2015 and include games released from September 2015 to September 2020 (excluding Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, Brawlhalla, and a few other games). Eligible players must have spent at least 10 hours playing our games to compile a summary of the infographics and 50 hours to compile a video. The list of games that will be used to determine the combined playing time is available here: https://support.ubisoft.com/en-US/Article/000079386.

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