Ukraine assumes latest attacks on Russian-controlled eastern areas

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Ukraine assumes the latest attacks against Russian-controlled eastern areas

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has claimed responsibility for the attack on Sunday. in a series of missile attacks launched over the weekend against command posts and warehouses in Russian-occupied territory, which has reported at least seven wounded in the last few hours in Donetsk, in the east of the country.

The statement from the Ukrainian military high command has not identified any specific targets, but it was reported. praises that the attacks were carried out with artillery and missiles.

However, Russian forces launched their own salvo attacks on Sunday. “The danger remains that the enemy will launch targeted rocket and drone attacks against our energy infrastructure and the entire area of ​​Ukraine,” the statement said.

Russia, for its part, reported ; The multiple Ukrainian artillery strikes hit the southeastern city of Melitopol on Saturday. Russian anti-aircraft defense systems also intervened over that city, as well. as over Simferopol, on the Crimean peninsula.

Civil damage

This Sunday, the Russian authorities in Donetsk reported damage from a bombing attack on a children's hospital . Other attacks have caused significant damage to 20 multi-story residential buildings in the Kievsky district of this city.

The number of civilians injured as a result of the shelling of Donetsk by Ukrainian troops has This has increased to seven people, as confirmed by the Russian mayor of the city, Oleksiy Kulemzin, in a statement collected by the Russian news agency TASS.