Ukraine denounces a “drastic increase” in rapes of family members and children by Putin's soldiers

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Ukraine denounces a

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine, Andrei Kostin, has denounced the “drastic increase” in the use of sexual violence< /strong> as a weapon of war in the country by Russian soldiers.

Kostin has accused the Russian military of deliberately using sexual violence as a weapon of war “to humiliate the Ukrainians”, as reported by the dpa agency.

“In many cases,people are raped, tortured and then killed by Russian soldiers. Often the rapes take place in front of family members and children“, explained the attorney general, who detailed that “all genders and age groups are affected”.

Furthermore, the head of the Public Ministry has added that Russian commanders often order or support such violations, reports dpa.

Wenzel Michalski, director The report from Human Rights Watch for Germany, has indicated that it is a systematic approach in the context of the violence that has occurred since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

“Violent acts committed by soldiers, including rape, are not punished by Russian political leaders and the military. On the contrary, the forces that act with particular brutality continue to be honored,” Michalski explained.