Ukraine denounces the reinstated Russian blockade on grain exports | War in Ukraine

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Ukraine denounces reinstated Russian blockade on grain exports | War in Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have found that the drones used the day before against its ships were equipped with Canadian-made navigation systems.

A grain load on a ship

Ukraine on Sunday denounced grain exports that had become “impossible” due to the Russian blockade reinstated by Russia after its exit the day before from the agreement allowing their delivery, after an attack on its fleet in Crimea, that Moscow blamed kyiv with the help of London.

The Russian army assured Sunday that this attack carried out using aerial and marine drones and which hit at least one Russian military ship in Sevastopol Bay had notably used the secure area dedicated to the transport of Ukrainian cereals.

According to Moscow, one of the drones used in this attack may have been launched from one of the civilian ships chartered by kyiv or its Western masters for the export of agricultural products from the seaports of ;Ukraine.

kyiv on Saturday denounced a false pretext and called on the international community to put pressure on Moscow to respect its obligations again. London denied any responsibility for the attack in Crimea and Washington and the EU condemned the Russian withdrawal from this essential agreement for the world food supply, concluded in July under the aegis of the UN. and Turkey.

In his daily video intervention, President Zelensky claimed on Sunday evening that Russia is solely responsible for the fact that food will become more expensive in West Africa and East Asia. #x27;East.

“Russia is the reason people in Ethiopia, Somalia or Yemen are going to face shortages catastrophic”

— Volodymyr Zelensky

He gave as an example a ship chartered by the UN, with on board 40,000 tons of cereals bound for Ethiopia, ready to leave the port of Chornomorsk and who can't. Ethiopia is close to famine, he recalled.

In Istanbul, the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) responsible for overseeing the agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain has indicated that the Russian delegation participating in the inspections of vessels carrying Ukrainian grain will withdraw from it for an indefinite duration.

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The grain agreement had freed up millions of tons of agricultural products stuck for months in Ukrainian ports due to the Russian invasion. In recent weeks, Russia had multiplied the criticism of the text, stressing that its own exports suffered as a result of the sanctions.

Moscow assured that it was ready to replace Ukrainian exports with its own for poor countries and offered to give them 500,000 tonnes of grain for free in the next few months.

US President Joe Biden called the Russian decision outrageous. There was no reason for them to do this, he said.

The EU has urged Russia to reverse its decision, which jeopardizes the main export route for cereals and fertilizers needed to respond to the world food crisis caused by the war.


The UN, guarantor of the agreement, has called for it to be preserved. The organisation's secretary general, Antonio Guterres, said he was deeply concerned on Sunday.

He is engaged in intense consultations so that Russia reconsiders its decision to suspend the agreement and has decided, as a result, to postpone for one day his departure in order to participate in the summit of the Arab League in Algiers on Tuesday, according to a press release.

If the Kremlin repeated on Sunday that it was ready to negotiate with kyiv, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kouleba denounced a smokescreen . The behavior of the Russians is so predictable: if they commit a crime in the evening, expect them to offer talks in the morning, he wrote on Twitter.

On the front, fighting and shelling continued on Sunday with at least 10 dead and 13 wounded among civilians in the past 24 hours, according to the report of the presidency.

In the region of Kherson, in the south of the country, where the next major battle between Russian and Ukrainian forces is expected, Agence France-Presse journalists have noted fierce duels. #x27;sporadic artillery in the village of Kotliarevé, without causing a stir among the locals.

They are firing on us much less now, observed Viktor Romanov, a worker from 44 years old.

Did the Russian army claim to have carried out a strike on a Ukrainian special services training center in Ochakiv, in the region of Mykolaiv, in the South. Moscow assured on Saturday that it was in Ochakiv that the attack on its fleet in Crimea had been prepared with the help of British experts.

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