Ukraine: half of energy infrastructure destroyed, kyiv asks for EU help | War in Ukraine

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Ukraine: half of energy infrastructure destroyed, kyiv asks for EU help | War in Ukraine

Almost half of the energy installations have been put out of order, according to kyiv.< /p>

Ukraine on Friday called on the European Union for “additional support” to get through the winter as nearly half of its energy infrastructure was put “out of order” by the massive Russian strikes that have targeted them since early October.

Russia has accused Ukrainian soldiers of having executed a dozen of its soldiers they had captured, denouncing a war crime the day after Ukrainian accusations of torture committed on a large scale by Russian forces in the recently liberated city of Kherson.

Almost half of our energy system has been knocked out, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmygal said at a press conference on Friday , calling for additional support from the EU.

Many Ukrainians are battling the onset of winter with little or no electricity and no hot water, as the first snowfall of winter fell across the country on Thursday, after more than a month and a half of bombings on the country's energy network.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said seventeen provinces and the capital kyiv were hit by power cuts, but engineers were working to fix the power grid and the outages became less frequent.

Russia's Defense Ministry said on Friday it only targeted military-related facilities, and that a series of long-range, precision strikes carried out the day before hit exactly the objects. targeted.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kherson

The Kremlin this week blamed the power cuts and their impact on civilians on kyiv's refusal to negotiate with Moscow rather than Russian missile attacks.

Mr Zelensky countered that he did not think Russia was genuinely interested in peace talks, suggesting on Friday night that the Kremlin was now looking for a short truce, a respite to regain strength. This could be seen as the end of the war, but such a respite will only make things worse, he said in remarks broadcast at the international security forum in Halifax, Canada.

“A truly real, lasting and honest peace can only come from the complete destruction of Russian aggression.

— Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

Russia on Friday accused Ukraine of war crimes, saying kyiv troops brutally executed more than ten of its military personnel who had just surrendered.

This accusation comes after the publication on Russian social networks of two videos of about thirty seconds each, presented by these Russian sources as proving the execution of the soldiers captured.

kyiv had not reacted to these accusations at the end of the day, which the UN said it was looking into.

Ukraine has repeatedly claimed that the Russian military committed war crimes and atrocities, including during the occupation of part of the kyiv region in March, but also in the recently recaptured Kharkiv (north-east) and Kherson (south) regions.

Recent Russian strikes on Ukraine's energy facilities have cut off electricity to millions.

A US Yale University study released on Friday identified 226 extrajudicial detentions and enforced disappearances of Ukrainians in Kherson during the Russian occupation, in what appears to be a planned campaign.

These findings lend credence to a series of alarming allegations about the treatment of detainees, including deaths in custody, the widespread use of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, the looting of those imprisoned and sexual and gender-based violence, says the study.

A quarter of the 226 cases reported were allegedly tortured and four died in custody or soon after, according to the study, which indicates that the majority of these acts were perpetrated by the Russian army and by the Russian security services (FSB).

After the recapture last week of part of the Kherson region by the Ukrainian army, the lines are finally moving to the south of the country.

It is thus now well behind the front, in the Crimean peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014, that the Russian army is carrying out fortification work, while that its withdrawal from Kherson and the western bank of the Dnieper River now allows the Ukrainians to reach it with their artillery.

It is a question of guaranteeing the safety of the Crimeans, assured Sergueï Aksionov, governor installed by Moscow. Ukraine has repeated several times in recent months that it wants to retake the peninsula, by force if necessary.

On this subject, the White House reiterated Friday that it was up to the Ukrainian president alone to decide whether to open negotiations with Russia, dismissing any notion of US pressure on kyiv.

US media recently reported that some senior officials are beginning to encourage Ukraine to consider talks, which President Zelensky has so far refused without withdrawing Russian forces from all over Ukraine.

On the ground, the Russian army claimed to have conquered the locality of Opytné in the Donetsk region, in the east of the east. Ukraine.

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