Ukraine Has All Prerequisites to Develop Its Own Vaccine

Ukraine Has All Prerequisites to Develop Its Own Vaccine


Dmytro Shymkiv, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group, believes that the government should play a vital role to develop its own vaccines providing the industry with purchase guarantees on the respective products during 10 years. The field-oriented ministry took some steps in this direction. Before the pandemic there were programmes to purchase vaccines for inoculation included into the national calendar. However, their volume is not enough as only 5 (five) mln doses of vaccines against 10 (ten) infectious diseases have been purchased. The world situation has changed drastically since the coronavirus pandemic began as many gaps in the biosecurity systems became obvious. In particular, there is a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines and dependence on foreign suppliers. According to Dmytro Shymkiv, it is better to use production localization opportunities that is to transfer foreign technologies to Ukraine. There should be enough volume of such vaccine production that will account to around 40 (forty) mln doses. Such production could be organized in a consortium involving local and international pharmaceutical companies. Darnitsa Group proposed this model. The effectiveness of this model is proved by Australia, where the joint consortium was created and the government provided it with the purchase guarantees on specific volume of production. Unfortunately, there are no such guarantees in Ukraine now.

Darnitsa Company has been considered already the possibility to develop vaccines at its own facilities. Such project is not that difficult in terms of technology as there is a required base to produce RNA vaccines as well as specialists to serve the production process. Definitely, to produce vaccine is not so easy as there are strict GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards in the industry, according to which vaccines shall not be produced together with drugs in the same premises because there is a risk to infect crude materials and finished goods. But Darnitsa Company can complete such a difficult task as it has enough opportunities to separate chemical and biological production. The project should be invested for $10-15 mln that can be real for many players of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. However, there is an issue to sale the produced vaccines as they are used less than other drugs, that’s why companies need the government support. But public authorities have not been interested in any propositions of the national pharmacists yet. There are almost no chances for them to win a tender from the world giants of the pharmaceutical industry, that’s why Ukrainian vaccines are not expected in the market in the nearest future.

The most regretful thing in this situation is that Ukraine loses its precious time. Nowadays manufacturers of drugs have leading positions in the innovation sector according to Dmytro Shymkiv, one of the managers of the company. Leaders have been identified, and they developed innovative vaccines, conducted clinical trials, launched mass production and sold products within tight timeframes, that was less than a year. The experienced pharmaceutical companies as well as innovative start-ups like Moderna, Pfizer, Novаvax, Jonson & Jonson, AstraZeneca make a golden top five list. Other pharmaceutical companies look up to the leaders and make maximum efforts to achieve success with the implementation of new technologies. The business stability can be provided only with permanent progress and production improvement.

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