Ukraine: Moscow suspends grain export deal after attack | War in Ukraine

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Ukraine: Moscow suspends grain export deal after attack | War in Ukraine

The agreement reached last July saw the export of millions of tonnes of grain stuck in ports in Ukraine.

Russia on Saturday suspended the deal on grain exports from Ukrainian ports, vital to the world's food supply, after a drone attack on its ships in annexed Crimea, which Moscow blamed on the government. Ukraine and Great Britain.

Ukraine has denounced a false pretext and called for pressure to be exerted so that Russia recommits to respecting its obligations for this agreement concluded last July under the aegis of the UN and Turkey, the only one between Moscow and kyiv since the beginning of the conflict.

The grain agreement had allowed the export of several million tons of grain stuck in Ukrainian ports since the beginning of the conflict, in February. This blockage had caused a surge in food prices, raising fears of famines.

Guarantor of the agreement, the UN called for it to be preserved, stressing that it had a positive effect on access to food for millions of people around the world.< /p>

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been ramping up criticism of the deal in recent weeks, saying exports from Russia, another major grain producer, are suffering because of the sanctions.

Moscow justified this suspension by a massive drone attack which on Saturday morning targeted military and civilian ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet stationed in the bay of Sevastopol, in annexed Crimea.

In view of the terrorist act perpetrated by the kyiv regime with the participation of British experts against ships of the Black Sea Fleet and against civilian ships involved in the security of grain corridors, the Russia suspends its participation in the implementation of the agreement on the export of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Telegram.

In the face of these accusations, the British Defense reacted by denouncing false information intended to divert attention, while a Ukrainian official suggested that negligent handling of x27;explosives by Russian forces was behind the incident.

According to Russian authorities, the attack took place in the early hours of Saturday with nine unmanned aerial vehicles and seven autonomous maritime drones, which caused minor damage to a minesweeper and the containment boom in the bay. of Sevastopol.

Crimea, annexed in March 2014 by Russia, serves as a logistical rear base for its offensive in Ukraine. Military and civilian installations have been targeted there several times in recent months.

“The preparation for this terrorist act and the training of the military personnel of the 73rd Ukrainian Special Maritime Operations Center was carried out by British specialists based in Ochakov, in the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine. »

— The Russian Ministry of Defense

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Moscow has also accused London of being involved in the explosions that damaged Russia's Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea in September and promised to bring the matter to the UN Security Council.

“Russia has repeatedly called for a joint investigation into the attacks […]. The fact that Western countries refused this proposal confirms it: they have something to hide.

— Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for Russian diplomacy

The UK Ministry of Defense has denounced a fabricated story by Russia to distract from its disastrous handling of the illegal invasion of Ukraine.

An adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko, meanwhile, assured on Telegram that as a result of careless handling of explosives in Sevastopol Bay, four warships of Russian Black Sea Fleet exploded, including a frigate and a landing ship.

Shortly before the announcement of the suspension of the cereals agreement, the Russian Minister of Agriculture had once again criticized the text on television, accusing the EU countries of to monopolize Ukrainian exports to be returned to poor countries. These allegations had previously been denied by the coordination center located in Turkey.

The grain agreement, unfortunately, not only did not solve the problems of the countries in need but even aggravated them in a certain sense, said Dmitry Patrushev, promising to deliver them free of charge until #x27;500,000 tons of Russian grain.

Smoke billows around Ukrainian tank after firing shells near the front line in the Donetsk region.

On the ground Saturday, the Ukrainian military reported fighting in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions in the east, including near Bakhmut, the only area where Russian troops have progressed in recent weeks, as well as shelling in several other areas.

The pro-Russian separatists who are fighting alongside Moscow and kyiv have each announced a new prisoner exchange involving around fifty people on each side.

A destroyed bridge over the Siverskyi-Donets river in the city of Svyatohirsk, Donetsk region

On the southern front, journalists from the x27;AFP witnessed artillery battles in the village of Kobzartsi, the last locality on the Ukrainian side before the line of contact with the Russians.

It can go wrong by the. But we know that they are suffering much more on their side than on ours, assured a Ukrainian soldier, Oleksiï, in his twenties.

Both sides are preparing in this area for the battle for the city of Kherson, the regional capital, from where the occupation authorities evacuated tens of thousands of civilians, in what Ukraine called deportations.

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