Ukraine: Russian strikes in several regions leave at least eight dead | War in Ukraine


Ukraine: Russian strikes in several regions leave at least eight dead | War in Ukraine

Continuing their offensive, Russian troops are still trying to advance in Donbass.

Russian forces struck military and civilian infrastructure in scores of Ukrainian regions on Thursday, including near the capital kyiv, leaving a total of at least eight dead and around 30 injured, a real “terror of missiles”, denounced President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ukraine was still waiting for the first ships loaded with grain blocked due to the Russian invasion to leave its coasts for world markets, in accordance with agreements signed on July 22 in Istanbul. The three ports designated to allow these exports via the Black Sea had started to operate again on Wednesday.

Europeans, for their part, remained worried after Russia sharply reduced its gas deliveries to them in recent weeks, in particular via the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which was only operating on Wednesday; at 20% capacity.

“If Russia wants to cut us off, they won't wait until fall or winter to do so, they won't will not fill our stocks during the summer. »

—Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy

Nevertheless, Mr. Borrell considered an abrupt interruption of these supplies unlikely.

She will do it as soon as possible to avoid that in winter we have reserves that allow us to hold on, he added.

The The day before, Volodymyr Zelensky had assured that Ukraine was preparing to increase its electricity exports to the European Union to help it resist energy pressure from Moscow.

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On a large part of Ukrainian territory, the shelling of the Russian army did not weaken on Thursday.

Thus, at least 5 people were killed and 25 others injured, including 12 soldiers, in a strike on two hangars in Kropyvnytskyi, in the center, announced the governor of the region of Kirovohrad, Andriï Raikovitch. Aircraft equipment, an An-26 civilian aircraft and training devices were particularly damaged, he said.

The Russians had targeted railway infrastructure and a military airfield in the same city on Saturday, about 300 kilometers south of kyiv, causing the death of two civilians. A soldier also lost his life, while nine others were injured.

Also on Thursday, in the region bordering Dnipro, at least one person was killed and two were injured in a bombardment, according to its governor Valentin Reznitchenko.

In the still Ukrainian-controlled part of the eastern Donetsk region of Toretsk, a man and a woman died on Thursday when a multi-storey apartment building was hit, state security services said. x27;emergency.

Kharkiv, the second of the major Ukrainian cities in the northeast, suffered two S-300 missile strikes which caused fires, according to its mayor, Igor Terekhovassen.

The aggressors are trying to turn Kharkiv into a miserable city, similar to the ones they have in Russia, he told AFP.

Not far from kyiv, in Lyutij, cruise missiles destroyed a building on a military base early in the morning, while two others were damaged, the official said. ;Ukrainian army staff.

A total of six of these missiles, of the Kalibr type, one of which was shot down by anti-aircraft defense, were fired from Crimea, a peninsula annexed in 2014 by Moscow, pointed out the same source.

Multiple rocket launchers from neighboring Belarus, an ally of Russia, have also caused casualties among Ukrainian soldiers in the northern region of Chernihiv.

In the South, a school was destroyed and there was at least one injured when a veritable rain of missiles fell, according to the governor of Mykolaiv.

Continuing their offensive, Russian troops are still trying to advance near Siversk and Bakhmout, in the Donbass, an industrial region in the East that Moscow aims to completely conquer. The situation there is difficult, but fully under control, the Ukrainian army headquarters said.

In the occupied southern region of Kherson, a few kilometers from the front and where the Ukrainians have launched a counter-offensive, three villages have been retaken from the Russians in the past two weeks.

Wednesday, in the suburbs of Kherson, the Antonovski bridge, which spans the Dnieper, had been partially disabled by a Ukrainian attack.

Essential for Ukrainian agriculture, the region is also strategic, as it borders Crimea.

It's a restless morning. Once again, we have missile terror, Volodymyr Zelensky noted on Telegram on Thursday.

But Ukraine will not surrender and give up, he promised.


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