Ukraine War: Zelensky's Five Requests for Peace

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War in Ukraine: Zelensky's five requests for peace

A few days after As the war between Russia and Ukraine marks 9 months, the dead and wounded continue to accumulate and wear and tear is evident among the civilian population,< /strong>especially the Ukrainian, which does not see the end of a conflict that does not cease to escalate.

The talks held by Moscow; and kyiv in February and March did not come to fruition, despite attempts at mediation by Turkey and other international actors. What are the conditions proposed by Ukraine to reach a ceasefire? These are five questions that the Government of Volodymir Zelenski considers compliance mandatory and that the adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenko, has posted on his Twitter account:  

  • The restoration of the territorial integrity of the country

  • Respect for the Statute of the United Nations

  • That Moscow assume the cost of all damage caused by war

  • Criminal punishment for those responsible for crimes of war

  • The guarantee that a warlike scenario like this will not be repeated

For its part, Russia maintains that it does not set “preconditions” for the start of talks with Ukraine in order to reach a peace agreement, beyond that kyiv “show goodwill,” in the words of Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko.